[Drinking release] ○ obtained ★ satisfaction 4,000 yen course

4000 yen

  • 8items
  • 342persons
All-you-can-drink available

Drinking suggestions !! company Deals course from buckwheat built, compile, launch, such as the best !! 2 hours all you can drink is attached to what 3500 yen! To Banquet

Course menu

[1] sashimi platter

[2] fried buckwheat Caesar salad

[3] edamame

[4] Deep-fried chicken

[5] soup of soba noodle restaurant, is proud of out-winding egg

[6] squid roast

[7] French fries

[8] behavior buckwheat

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
· Chuuhai
Lemon Lime grape, black currant, plum Calpis cassis orange
- Wheat, potato
·plum wine
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea, Coca-Cola orange juice Calpis Water

2018/02/22 update